Born and raised in London, England, Ruby moved to Dallas, Texas in 2002.

Her love for the arts was nurtured at home by her mother, an Urdu lecturer and poet. Ruby herself went on to study English literature at the University of London’s, Queen Mary and Westfield College.

Her interest in literature took a different turn as she became increasingly enamored with the aesthetics of written script.

Having been taught to read and write Urdu and Arabic at home, her exploration and artistic experimentation with the art of calligraphy took flight.

Encouraged by her husband, Ruby began her artistic journey in 2007.  Her search for contemporary Islamic artwork for her home became the inspiration behind her very first piece. 

Her works are a celebration of color, spirituality and faith that are in keeping with the stylistic zeitgeist - expressed with a modernism that she hopes will resonate with the artistic sensibilities of today’s youth. 

With a keen eye for contemporary palettes and textures, Ruby continues to bring a modern edge to the classic and timeless beauty of the ancient scripts.

Her work has been exhibited in London, Washington DC, Atlanta, Austin, Houston, Dallas, New York, Los Angeles, and Karachi.